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I Am Chosen Leadership Academy 

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Purpose. Passion. Purity 

I Am Chosen Leadership Academy (IACLA) provides mentoring and leadership development for adolescent girls in the sixth through eighth grade. Adolescent girls are bombarded with the idea of what it means to be a young lady  in today's society. IACLA seeks to equip them with the necessary tools and resources to help them reach their God-given potential in life while dealing with the everyday challenges with resilience and perseverance. 

Our mission is to serve as a bridge builder in the lives of adolescent girls by helping them discover their purpose, ignite their passion and live a lifestyle of purity. Through a series of “Chosen” sessions our tweens are given the opportunity to explore and discover their hidden dreams, gifts and talents while conquering their fears and insecurities. Our Chosen Units of Study address the Social, Emotional, and Spiritual needs our our tweens.  


Our goal is to equip every tween in Metro Atlanta Area  with the necessary tools and resources to reach their maximum potential regardless of what obstacles or challenges they may face in life. 

Chosen Curriculum 

Goal Setting and Decision Making 
Unit 1: I Am Chosen to Dream and Set Goals: Goal Setting  
Unit 2: I Am Chosen to Make Quality Decision: Effective Decision Making 

Unit 3: I Am Chosen to Be Loved and to Love Others: Healthy Relationships  
Unit 4: I Am Chosen to be a Good Friend

Financial Literacy 
Unit 5: I Am Chosen to Effectively Manage my Money: Financial Literacy 
Effective Communication 
Unit 6: I Am Chosen to Effectively Communicate: Communication Skills 
Unit 7: I Am Chosen to Be Healthy Mind, Body and Soul: Health and Wellness 

Unit 8: I Am Chosen to Serve Others: Community Service 
Unit 9: I Am Chosen to Manage my Social Media Responsibly: Social Media the Truth and the Lies 
Unit 10: Summer Session: Sisterhood: The Power of Community  

Let's Make A Change

Here are some ways you can SUPPORT: 


Chosen Champion 

Serve as a guest speaker for our Chosen Virtual and Live Meetings 

Advisory Board Member 

As an Advisory Board Member you may support the ministry by sharing your gifts and talents in an advisory role to our team. 


Do you have a heart to help young ladies and/or women? If so, IACM may be the right place for you.  

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