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Twin Sets


As I reflect on my journey, there are times when I felt as though I was off course. However, during those times God gently reminded me through my husband, friends, a message on YouTube or even something in nature I am exactly where He desires for me to be at this very moment in time. Learn to embrace the journey. Keep people around you who will always challenge you to maximize your potential. Stop trying to be perfect. Perfection is not to be obtained. The greatest perfection one can achieve is by being authentic to who God created you to be. Know this....You have a purpose for being on this Earth at this very moment. God has a specific assignment only you can fill. Stop trying to imitate what you see on YouTube, Facebook or IG. Instead, choose to be you. Enjoy every part of who you are while on the journey to becoming who God called you to be.

I have a dear friend who is what I consider to be a fashionista. She and I have been friends for more than half of my life. I remember she shared with me I needed to let go of my "twin sets" because no one wears them anymore. Well, for those of you who do not know, as twin sets is a sweater/cardigan typically with a matching shirt or tank top underneath. I absolutely LOVEEEEE my twin sets. I remember saying to her, "I love my twin sets! I do not care if they are no longer in style. I wear them because I like them!" We have this inside joke about me wearing twin sets all the time. The moral of the story is simple. Be you! In honor of my dear friend and my love for twin sets, I posted of picture of me in my twin set! Make a decision today to be YOU! What ways can you be authentic to who you are without compromising because of the thoughts of others.

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